To the Residents of the 18th Worcester District: Webster, Sutton, Douglas, and Oxford (Precinct 1&4)

Mark G. Dowgiewicz, formally announces his candidacy for the 18th Worcester District for the Office of State Representative, and will be running as a Democrat. Mr. Dowgiewicz is a 12-year elected member of the Board of Selectman (BOS) in the town of Webster, MA. He believes he has the background, the ability and the vision to guide our district into the future. Mr. Dowgiewicz stated, “I have a good understanding of how government operates from the twelve (12) years elected as a Selectman.”

Mr. Dowgiewicz commented, “After four (4) years of Republican representation, state funding on the local level has not improved. Why? Because the State legislature has a total of 160 seats of which 132 are Democratic and only 28 are Republican. Republicans can’t get it done alone without the Democrats. It’s time to get back to the days of a having a Democratic Senator along with a Democratic State Representative. Together we can work as a solid Democratic unit to achieve the goal of added funding for the 18th district.” Mr. Dowgiewicz, is a current member of the Webster BOS proposed many programs and initiatives to make Webster, a better community to live in by the few accomplishments he achieved. They are:

• Maintain current programs to clean up abandoned and neglected properties which resulted in the demolition of more than thirty (30) properties. This program gained national attention and was featured on the syndicated television news program, “Fox and Friends.” He is also continuing to work on a program to make absentee landlords responsible for their properties and their problem tenants.

• Proposed a plan to revitalize Webster’s downtown area by petitioning the state for five (5) liquor licenses to be used exclusively for Restaurants in the downtown district. This has been approved by the Committee of Consumer protection and is pending approval from the House & Senate. “This will be a ‘kick-start’ to the rebuilding of Webster’s Downtown.”

• Mr. Dowgiewicz brought attention to the North Village area in Webster that was having widespread safety issues and concerns. This resulted, due to his action, in new Police Patrols paid for by the land owner as part of the more than $3 million investment into the infrastructure and security of the complex.

• He proposed a program in 2012 that would keep level 3 (re-offense is high, degree of dangerousness posed to the public is increased) sex offenders out of the areas where children congregate for school or play by filing automatic restraining orders upon release and entrance into our community. This initiative will need the support of the House of Representatives and the State Senate.

• Mr. Dowgiewicz is presently one of a selected few committee members working on an initiative directed by Nancie A. Zecco, M.P.H., Vice Chair of the Webster Board of Health that began in January 2013. Designed to address the growing substance abuse problem in Webster and surrounding communities. This project intertwines medication as a tool and the newly developed drug courts, coping centers for individuals who meet a specific criteria after detox (working with Sheriff Evangelidis) and epidemiological studies to further evaluate what may be needed in the communities.

Mr. Dowgiewicz was born and raised in Webster, MA. He is retired from the Connecticut State Police and awarded the Medal of Honor from the State of Connecticut, Medal of Valor from the New England Chiefs of Police Association (NECPA) and named one of America’s Top Cops from the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) and Trooper of the Year from the Fox Television Show, “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol.”

He was educated locally at Bartlett High School and Mt. Wachusett Community College and obtained an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Worcester State College in Sociology.

He is a member of St. Josephs Basilica and a member of the Knights of Columbus. He is also a member of the Auburn-Webster Lodge of Elks, Webster Democratic Town Committee, and Vice President of the Court Security Officers Association, Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) and the National Rifle Association (NRA). Mr. Dowgiewicz resides in Webster, MA with Nancie Zecco and his children.

Mark G. Dowgiewicz, a voice for the people and one who has a vision for the future!

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